Losing The Real Race

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Seriously, I dont mind opinions, I dont mind we discuss as civilized people about race. Just to clear the air, yes, it is found we came from Africa as the root, as well, I’m a Dominican, chinese guy, with most of his family dark skinned before anyone tries to throw shade.

I’ve experienced my fair share of racism. But listen here people, no race is better than the other. The moment you start saying stuff like, we would be better without “x” race around, you are thinking yourself better or doing the same thing being done against you. Even labelling non stop with stereotypical bull. Blacks endured slavery? Understand as well, not just blacks. Yes, based on timeline with blacks that is the closest we can see racism, but also learn history and know African kings sold their own people and gained just as much as slave traders by selling their people. Natives in their own land were slaves, like in China, the Jews were slaves of those in ancient times and you want to know who enslaved them? Drum roll, Egyptians, where? Africa, for decades, and millions more under oppression.

No race is justified to have slavery or be under it. Times are different now, we keep letting the elites think we are different as a people. We are not. God expresses love and guides us to come together as one. Jesus talked to a Samaritan, which was something people looked down upon but even Jesus showed love. Like the jew and unto the gentile, he came for all.

Tired of seeing so many people blinded by race in the sense of color and differences thinking they are better or owed something still. Let us come together and be as one. Had to leave a group cause they got their mentality twisted. Like seriously, oh a certain race started a culture? Good for them, they shared it with the world not secluded it to your “people”. We are art, we are all kings and queens. Get it right. We are losing the real race, which is humanity, the human race.


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