Whether or Not

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The reality and reflection to change is made when great calamity is ready to strike what you once perceived as safe. In times of crisis we either prepare for the storm or flee, holding dear to what we believe is precious to us. Man believes himself to be in control or that which he once held as value, is no longer viable to what will occur. Houses, cars, “things”, can be rebuilt and gained again. Life is truly unique and those around you, irreplaceable. Be safe and take proper measures.

I write these words in regards to the events I now face. I currently live in Florida. As I see people scurrying about and even stores still open, it makes me wonder about the state of people. We are so quick to empty shelves without properly using our resources. We place priority now in making surr that all we have built is secured and safe, yet never really built ourselves to ahare in compassion and help others. Now it is during the moments that when you see that you have Nothing, that you begin to see how rich you truly were and are.

I have recounted my story before, I was homeless before. I was also not very rich, nights where I came home to no air conditioner or lights because we couldn’t pay the Bill. I remember days where I would pray for just another sip of soda, even a taste of hamburger from someone, anyone. I learned the meaning of value, the hard way. Now seeing people wake to the reality of this world, these things have been happening to others for years, floods, injustice, famine, and etc. We have only begun to desire because it now affects us.

Where do we stand as a human race, as people, as a person? Does our beliefs define us or our behaviors?

Amidst all the turmoil, I know, that as people, we can make this world a better place. A place made do that our future generations will not endure such a state of life. Where we don’t exist to attain but truly love to create and share with others, not only our ideas, but ourselves. That is why I write this, to help stir hearts and minds, to bring about a change never seen. We can see unity amidst chaos but let us come together before such disasters strike and be as one.


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