Another Day Through the Storms

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My boss told me something today as she was telling me about being safe today through text-due to hurricane Irma. I told her, hey maybe it’ll be my time to go, that I endured worst storms than this which is myself, that it was a wonder I was alive. She stopped joking and noticed I was having one of my depressive moments and anxiety. She said not to joke like that, like I have been through stuff but there are people who care. I was already in my head so I responded, doesn’t last long, I’ve only truly seen family stay. She said, one day you will meet someone who is willing to see you Geo for you, that we all Change every day, she told me about how her wife changes every day and year and she gets to see that, that you never really are the same person. She then said, even if I may not be around in the company in 5+ years, I made a significant impact and I shouldn’t let my mind tell me different. That’s the realest thing I’ve heard from someone who isnt really a friend.

Living with depression, anxiety, OCD, this crap isn’t easy. I act tough and may seem like I have things altogether but at times I truly feel alone, people leave me all the time, I’m not understood or I truly become the villian, people don’t know how much I’ve asked God, Why am I even here. It’s tough. That’s why I help others as much as I can, not for attention, I endure my demons every day and fight to survive, myself. Keep pushing on, you are loved and you are beautiful.


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