I’m Still Alive

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Well, I’m alive.

Jokes aside, I know how many people have experienced the effects of Irma. I’m still feeling the effects of Irma. I currently am writing this while trying to conserve battery. I have no power for the past 3 days.

One can argue that my electric company is the slowest in the world but I’m going to digress and be understandable. I can come to the conclusion that many employees probably are pulling overtime and etc, hardly seeing family. Only thing I can say really is, EVERYONE around my block has their light. There are two companies in my county in Florida, and literally everyone and their mother has power except the people in the company I have. Shocking? I don’t really know but I cant stress about it, I’m alive.

My trip to the dominican republic is in a couple of hours today. Vacation. That word almost seems foreign to me since I hardly take any. These past few days I’ve just been tossing and turning trying not to die from Florida heat and my asthma.

My depression/anxiety has been acting up as Well as my common dilemma of attacks on my faith. But for now I am trying to hold on and reread a couple of my own articles. I do apologize ahead of time for not properly editing some of my work. If I do call myself a writer, I should really go into overdrive and show how hungry I am, not just to be published but produce my work, properly to my fans and followers-of I have any.

Overall this is my update, I will be Mia again for a week but I will come back with pictures and stories to share. Be blessed all.


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