Giving Up

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To surrender and sacrifice shows not weakness at times but the ability to understand the change that must take place.

I gave up on the idea of perfection a short time ago. I have come to understand my differences. I have overcome my own struggles and faults to the point that I’ve allowed them to make me stronger. No human being will ever equate to being “good” or perfect because we all fall short in our imperfections. My perception twisted by what was showcased in the world and now broken down and restructured to the reality of who we are, who I am.

I gave up on the idea of love. I now love entirely. Knowing I am not just a piece of a half of someone, I now know I am whole. My relationships are deeply grounded in loving unconditionally with the promise of never wavering, no matter the cost. I commit and sacrifice due to the end result and not just a passing of feelings or emotions. My family and friends mean more to me than just people who are in my life, they are a part of my life. There is no fairy tale or notion of “the one”, there is two, two people who work together besides the differences and overcoming obstacles. Time and distance means nothing when your result is set by proper preparation and shaping, creating, the art that is love.

I gave up on the idea of control. Situations arise and the world will continue to rotate. People react differently to the things that transpire in their own lives. We are not rewarded by what we put out but the hard work reveals our determination or our actions bleed out the ill intentions and feeds the consequences, so I cannot believe in karma. People are beautiful in their own ways and so I find who they are but what is said and shown instead of shaping them to an image I set for them. The only sense of control is to control my passions, desires, ultimately myself; self control, so I am not ruled by my emotions for I ultimately determine my own thoughts and what shall come from them.

I gave up on the idea of being someone with a title or possession. My life is not determined by the school I’ve gone to, the degree. My story is not derived by how many exes I’ve had or if I’m in a relationship, single, etc. I don’t need to be seen as happy or successful in the world’s eyes. My identity is now found in Christ, as such, my joy as well.

I gave up on trying. I now do. I now am. I now live, love, grow, learn, teach, write, and much more.


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