Unspoken but Written

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For those wondering how I experience anxiety and depression, just a snippet.

I. It could of been different you know. The way the stars seem to write the story in the sky. Maybe I was made to cross the oceans of space. Time seems to cause me to burn of uncertainty and my heart yearns of wanting to know what could of been. Drawing me in the black hole that is my chest I reach for hands that will catch me. I rode with you but now I fall…


II. I feel completely distraught, broken, I can’t explain what has overcome me…I embrace the darkness only to find that it even leaves me. Can you ask God to draw closer to me? Can you pray for me?


III. Cast me and find me for I no longer can find my own conscious desire in this waking world. Can you see it? I guess you can’t, we hide behind such sweet lies that taste ravishly, hiding such a twisted mind. But I continue knowing my life is not mine to bear but made to serve others for I am not my own. Let it be an endless war til the coming of my king. Whisper words I wish to hear…


IV. Hey, how’s it been?! Life’s been good. Just wanted to see how you’ve been. It’s been awhile, love you. 🙂


– texts from a restless soul, wrestling anxiety and depression


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