Be bold.

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My faith does not summarize or determine my level of intelligence. My faith determines my perception of reality based on my experiences and truth revealed. Just as a piece of paper or years in a school doesn’t reveal my understanding of a certain subject.

I’ve met and debated countless of people in various fields and my own education has been the books in libraries or ebooks downloaded. Though I have been mocked because I am a Christian, I’ve shown myself as one who is capable to defend his stance. Even now as I continue in my education, I hope to one day confidently stand amidst a collection of people and present the truth without any doubt of myself. This is one of the reasons why I hardly speak anymore, I wonder if I am capable or worthy of such a calling.

Don’t let your youth or convictions be judged by another, if you speak in truth, with love, continue to speak. These are words that God and others recite to me. Now I leave the charge as well to others. In an age where opinions are being treated as truth, speak against injustice, lies and corrupt ideologies.

I am Christian but this does not mean that I claim myself higher than others. In contrast, I know my faults and come humbly to God. But I must declare, my faith is no excuse for others to disregard my word’s.

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