In Me


Rest in pieces, my mind is seeking peace. I no longer hear the demons but see them beyond reason. Reflection revealing the spirit in contract with magick. Contacting me by the scar that marks an entity on my sleeve. So keep asleep as Erebus arises from nibirus’ feet. Horus keeping his eyes on me. They were right in prophecy by the 23rd. The end begins when the shadow is resurrected. Split in two, my heart finding winter coming. Abbadon, the captain reciting what he promised. Yes, his name now known from that of Gydus Senrow, no more hiding. Visions in ancient language. Aladdin looking for his jasmine but wait I got distracted. Trying to hold on to God before I break his commandments to command men. Covering rivers with blood and becoming the prophet of the dragon. But these chains are broken and Christ said, in me…be. My brother, my servant, stop turning and yearning for worldly needs. In me you no longer need to keep suppressed by demonic beings. In me, know that I have defeated all trespasses and angels intercede. In me and with me you find peace. In me, with me, God truly….completes….I AM.


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