I Certainly Don’t Know

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I remember when I first started this blog. Just a year ago. I was uncertain of how many words were going to form these articles and excerpts. I was unaware of people liking my words and those who supported my ventures. I was unaware that I was going to continue to grow as a person.

Now I’m here, still uncertain of what is to come within another year from now. But to my realization, why should I be caught in doubt and uncertainty. It is easy to try to plan your whole life. It is even easier to state to be present and focus on the now, but our minds wander.

The reality is, we do not know the future and the past cannot be lived again to have us be in a different place. I keep pounding it in my head. There was something that shut off that was triggered before during my current transformation since I started this blog. I remember speaking with such courage and making so many moves and devoid of excuses. I overcame and was keeping my depression, my anxiety, at bay.

Enough is enough. This is what hit me as before. I see it now. The moment when you see that you truly have control of your life, thoughts, actions. You can choose to let yourself be conquered by them or conquer them because you have learned who you are and now have self control. I do not know my future but I work today so that if I have a tomorrow it is that which I envision. Just the same in any aspect of my life, I do not know my spouse, but I shall remain loyal and be the woman she will love. In due time, doors will open up, but as Well I must be willing to go and see if they are open, knock, create my own doors, find the key. Everything in life is not handed down to us. Just like I learned from my walk in the Christian faith, man works for what he has, it is a blessing to do so.

I may be uncertain and I may have doubt but I will not let them define me. I must continue to push through. No excuses and complete control of the steps I take, removing that which keeps me distracted. Sometimes we just have to do that, I tend to do that with social media, just go ghost and it helps me leap forward in my dreams and goals.

And so I write this as a reminder and to encourage others as well once again. This actually reminds me how I used to write before. Keep going. All those who follow and have similar dreams to write or those who have their own dreams, it’s ok to not know. Be blessed.


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