I See A New Horizon

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I guess you could say I’m the captain of being broken. Hooked within the oceans, call my ship Morgan. Bottled collection stealing the sense of being over. Intoxicated by these thoughts that have me sailing sober. Waves of emotions having me sail every single morning. Mourning past voyages, soul searching. Guided by the stars knowing my purpose is more. Ignoring what’s told of me, letting my memory become a lore. Soaring the waters even in the state I’m in. Unburied treasure of my mind within this skin. But I was no pirate, stretched by my fruits. Relaxing with straw hats, looking for my crew, I had no clue. The lost boy didn’t pan out so I guess I’m Peter then. Absorbing the sounds as i tinker the mental clocks ticks. Stopping time as I’m up hearing the bells at six. Let me make it back to the horizon. No longer worried about surprises because I see a greater vision.


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