The Social Club

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Log in to Facebook. Scrolls news feed. Closes app. Opens Snapchat. Views stories and responds to messages. Closes app. Opens Instagram. Reviews likes and follows. Scrolls feed and watches stories. Closes app. Repeats throughout the day.

The ongoing struggle and battle with a vicious cycle that I believe plagues me. Social media. If you have been reading my work since I first started all of this, You know I’m not too keen with social media.

I never got into Twitter like most people, tried it for a month and deleted. Instagram seems to be the one I use the most but I’ve found that if I gain 150+ followers I delete and start again-I’m not big on being famous or having a lot of people-always happens. Though Facebook has been good to be in contact with my family and friends, I find it a waste of time. Just as one of my friends states it, you don’t post, you boast. Even with the loads of information presented, people have been centered and focused on their own lives, even if at times one can post about a situation occuring.

Now, before someone throws a fit or may get mad, social media can be used in wonderful ways. I just know that it isn’t for me particularly and I have yet to find a solid good reason. Though I do have accounts throughout, I also know I prefer the hours of writing, reading and researching and social media hinders all of that as a distraction. Now, I could have better self control some may say but the truth is I’m an impulsive person. If I truly get into anything or anyone, I will have my attention focused on that or put my all into it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise really that I also am like an old soul. I prefer to talk in person instead of through a screen or text. I prefer to enjoy time with people even though I like my alone time more.

Before the question was, if I could live without social media due to my writing and podcast so I can have some form of presence. Now the question that comes to mind is, why don’t I just get rid of it all like before? It always works out for me and I truly see moments of growth during my “ghost” mode that people refer too. People expect me to come back so they don’t worry too much. It is a common thing but as of late my mind is wondering if I should just completely remove it all together, forever. I know I can survive with out, I’ve done so before. Another question shows up which is, why do I keep coming back? What keeps me there? Before it would be hope of some kind that I never really shared. Then I knew that my account was connected to my podcast page and it would disappear. Either way it is a battle I face daily and just want to see if others share the same views or if they cut themselves out of it. Do writers really need social media?


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