Update On Life

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I wanted to take this time and just express my thoughts as of late. Life has been a constant test and yet as of late I feel as if my faith is being measured. I can’t really describe what I’ve been feeling as of late but I can say that it’s been an amazing experience. I seem more connected to who I am-though I’ve stumbled here and there-I’m seeing a growth I havent seen in awhile.

I’ve been coming up with ideas for a new book while finishing up final edits to a manuscript format to find means to get my book published. I’ve also been contemplating on getting into vlogging. Weird isn’t it, I post like what 2-3 times per week and now I want to vlog? Bear with me, I’m trying to actually make it short teaching vids or motivational. I also want it to open up a gate way so that I can have my poetry come to life and practice for when I have time So I can perform spoken word.

My life has been constantly changing and I’m thankful for everyone who follows and reads my work. I don’t have an extravagant site-I know- it is straight to the point and in your face. I jump from my poetry to short stories to just thoughts and finally anything to help people. This is what I know I’m good at though, writing, spekaing to people and helping them and I feel alive doing it. I may not be the best and the few comments I get or the likes I see are in a way motivation. I want to say thank you to everyone and those reading my words for the first time, enjoy the ride. I’m Gee_ology aka Lucius A. Wulfe, this is the study of my life.


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