Slow It Down

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Let me just tell you girl, I don’t play. Making plans, parking in drive ways. But you’re Driving me insane. You turn me on til my batteries drained. Igniting my honesty, woah, let me slow it down. Don’t make a sound, I’ll wait til you come around. Let me reverse, though you running through my mental. I want to touch your soul before I hold you close. Distance between skins as we hold these positions. I don’t want to rush into the physical prison. Though my geometrical prism tries to lead me to the sexual. You are more invigorating than your scent, does this make sense? A change has been made in cents, quarter of my life…I will wait. You can be someone’s ex but to me you are a treasure. Measured by the voyages I embarked with these letters. Picturing your beauty and astounded by your realistic textures. Sit down and listen, I will guard my heart today. But you are the future I envision. So please know, baby, I trust you. I trust you. Let’s keep walking on these tracks without fear. I don’t promise you the world but I promise to always be here. Let’s slow it down. Walking to the Father, Heaven bound. 


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