Nobody Else

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They wonder if I’m in love, if there’s someone else. Not knowing I’m writing to my future. Presenting these letters and poems, like baby, there’s nobody else. Like finally, I’ve met you and I will never leave you. Though we haven’t met yet. So when you were up on lonely nights, I was writing, telling you I was going to be here. Never leaving, so baby please dont Fear. My heart has been yearning this meeting. No longer needing to be dreaming. So keep me from feeling and teach me what’s pleasing. I want to lead you closer to God before I get to touch your being. I’ve been working on myself, running til you begin to run right next to me. So we reminisce in the weekends. Making promises in the present because they’re full of our presence. Let my loyalty now show you the evidence. Baby, I’m sorry I took so long. Let me lead to the King, you’re royalty. Our kingdom leaving history. I don’t want nobody else. If we fight, I’ll still take you in a ring. I am not who crossed you out because you are my treasure. So have courage because here I am speaking. There is nobody else. You are beautiful. Nobody else. My promise remains so lend me your heart. Sincerly, your future


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