Tales of Time

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I found myself preaching to my employee, it was not something I intended but I just began to speak and give wisdom. She believes I have no emotion half the time but I was upfront with life. It is not that I have no emotions or am super quiet at times. I’m just observant. I prefer to do things or say things that are necessary. Sometimes I go off on rants but for the most part, when I speak, I intend to teach or give sound advice. But it went as follows:

Life isn’t really short, it is timed by people. We need to do this or that, or so they say, by x amount of time. Yet time is but a fabrication of man to measure their existence or the chemical structure, laws, in place in the universe as progression through decay or degradation, basic science. Things have a beginning and because of what is around, can cause it to end based on environment or make up. So then, why do we worry so much about this? Time.

We are always in a rush and in the end we all die. We waste our time on getting money only to see money fades away or is given to another. I’ve been at a place where I’ve had enough and I’ve experienced having nothing. For me, the true value is not what you spend time on but how. People and self growth, love, this is what truly is of value to me. I will not let my life be surrounded in a focus towards myself or how others can commit to me.

I am but a speck in this universe and though i know my time is not certain, I will not worry what i have left to do but truly just live life, here, now, and enjoy it with those who truly matter and what I love to do. I will not apologize for who I am and no one should either. That is why I know i live for God, for eternity. This Earth will fade and I have faith I will walk with him. He has shown me life everlasting, that is why I will endure this world for this is not my home. And I was made for so much more.


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