Balanced Control

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Maybe I should add a little more-my mind racing, awaiting the delicacy of desserts. I have forgotten at that moment that I’ve gained a few pounds.


We all kind of come to a halt when we hear that word. We are either the one in control or allow something in life to control us. We have those that claim fate has hold, some God, others, themselves. But do we really have such a thing as control? We do.

As a Christian, we are taught and learn that God has allowed us a spirit of self control. As We mature in life, those who may not believe, learn that life can only be controlled to an extent but for the most part, what happens in your own life can be altered by your choices.

We focus too much on the exterior of things. We try to control a future we are uncertain of, people who surround us and we love, or even large scale events. The reality is we desire things to work in our benefit. Instead of spending time in what we can control we need to truly find balance.

Yes, balance, just like the weights on your shoulder, the gravity or force on your life. This is in part a way to come to fully understanding what it means to have self control or in its truest essence, living life as one is intended.

You can debate for hours what you should do with your life tomorrow but what are you doing today? How or what are you doing? You say I have control of my life and then spend hours watching t.v., while still saying that others waste their time on video games. This is where balance comes into play. The question moves from how are you spending time to why. Why will I spend time doing something or can I? We are all at liberty to spend it as we want, don’t get me wrong, but will you do so and then regret.

We get depressed or anxious when things don’t go our way. We want to get married or be in a relationship, we want that new job, game, clothes, and etc. We desire to be happy as well and because ultimately we have no control we become disappointed and sad.

It is about balance. You will have some good days as well as bad days. I’m not saying there is a yin or yang to everything. Understand, when you find a center, find who you are, you can better balance your life. What will you accomplish if you spend all your time worrying or trying to control something?

I’ve spent a good portion of my life learning that it isnt about being 0 or 100, all in or out. It is true, you gibe it your all, but it is when the time is right or when you have prepared. Any general will tell you it is about strategy and preparation. Such is the case when you balance your life.

You won’t reach that mountain without properly seeing everything you need to overcome it. Exercise or take care of yourself, rest, train, in any area in life. In relationships, learn to be present and not focus too much on the past or future, be considerate and respect, you can only control what you put out not what comes at you, but you can determine what comes in you. This is ultimately self control, balanced and achievable.

You see your overweight and you want to change? Learn to adapt and build a way to get on a plan to exercise and eat better. Want to be happy? Then spend time getting to know what makes you happy not others or try to force happiness on you or become dependent on others. Be truly at peace with yourself in such a way that you are content but willing to change when needed. No one is perfect and time will constantly have us grow depending on what occurs around us.

My advice and something I am learning as well which I hope to continue to share the results such is all of this, find a balanced life. The risk takers are needed, yes, we are all the risk takers but we take it because we know the outcome. We pour too much weight on ourselves instead of learning to carry what we can not think we can. I tend to do that and my mental illnesses hit me like a truck. So I encourage everyone, see everyone side and where the scales too, Become balanced. Be blessed.


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