Month: November 2017

Game Over

Twisted, wicked depictions creating friction. Illustrations of an image battling seasons. Articulate and face the great has never been. I’m no longer Aladdin seeking Jasmine. A carpet muncher hitting pots to find my joint. Flying higher to watch my genie wish me gold coins. Shadow has been laid to sleep. I don’t intend to keep

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Being Christian

You’re not a typical Christian. Believe it or not, this is what I hear or read when I talk to various people. My response is usually a question which is, how is a Christian supposed it be? People usually respond with something they have heard or read once somewhere but never truly what is completely

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I Love You

The eternal promise spoken in just three words that reveal a bond stronger than anything known to man. Words that hold significant weight to them that action is produced. A sacrifice and choice that will forever change a person. Something clicked inside of me that I tried to keep hidden today. I was literally standing

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