Apologies In Order to Focus

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I believe I owe an apology to all those who read my work. As of late, my work seems to have been a bit erratic. That is mostly on me. I’ve been having those moments spur in which I talked about before in the past. Something is changing within me again.

It would seem I shifted from being motivational, encouraging, or giving hope to a focus on myself. I would write poems and pour my own personal issues. I know it is wise to learn to take care of one’s self before actually helping others. The reality of the matter is that I was not at my 100%.

I let a lot of my emotions control me and with the pressure of school, work, and etc, I seemed to have lost my will to do certain things. I also ended up having various things become altered in my life which helped me see I needed to change and refocus. We sometimes focus way too much on what needs to change and not really begin to actually change them. It is in those moments where you say, I’ve had enough, that you begin to truly see change.

The world doesn’t need to know every single detail of my life. I love sharing it with those who like to take the time but the truth is, I dont want to be seen as the average blogger. I don’t want my site to just be seen as the same blog. I don’t seem fame, the notion has long dissipated from my mind. I love to write and I understand now, I don’t need to say a dollar sign for any of my work. I would appreciate it in the end but the truth is, my message is to help those. What I present and teach should be carried to the hearts by the means I know how. My work within my stories are completely different from what I envisioned fun the start of this site.

I don’t know what purpose you started reading my work. If you like my poetry, expect more, if you like my short stories, please by all means read along and share, but as well, know I wish to share in the wisdom I’ve acquired over the years. I am not perfect and I don’t have to keep reminding people of my past nor my present. I don’t need to showcase my life not do I wish to bombard you with asking for likes or follows. Read at your own discretion. As I continue to grow as a writer, I wish to also learn about you guys, become engaged. I ask only for help as well on somethings you guys will like to read, get to know my audience more. We all have busy lives so to actually have people read my words, I appreciate It. Thank you all who support my site or continue to read. Those who aren’t bored. Be blessed.

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