Why Post It?

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Something has struck a nerve. I’m not talking about hitting my pinky toe on the edge of a table. I’ve noticed a common trend that has occurred while I was going through My social media. I know some of you may recall that I am not too fond of social media. It isn’t really a hate I have on it it is just how I know it can become a problem.

We can honestly lose ourselves in all these applications while not seeing that it has no true application in our lives. I’m not stating that you can’t use any form as a means to network and grow. Honestly, you can promote and market a lot better than paying someone else to. But this is me getting off topic a bit. It isn’t just about social media but in a way, who we are.

I won’t deny my own tendencies as well as what I have discussed since I started this site. I am not the best example to properly demonstrate the need to retain information. But the nerve that has been struck is, knowing what information I put out.

I use social media more than what was intended I believe. I am currently in 2 writing groups, a conspiracy/research group, and I post like 4 to 5 times a day, while saving memes for days. As the days scrolling through the various sites and seeing what people post, it had me wonder about what I post and the main reason, why?

My problems are my own, the world doesn’t need to know what I go through. Such is the case with my opinions. It can be nice to share your thoughts so others can appreciate who you are but it really isn’t necessary. It is “your” life, don’t be so quick so expose it. Nor should you be so quick to present someone you are not. Not everyone deserves to be a part of your personal life.

This has become my conclusion. It doesn’t mean I won’t post on any updates on the blog. What I’m implying is, be careful what you portray to the world and others who are around you now. Sometimes we focus too much on just sharing information that wasn’t asked. We genuinely want people to know and as the culture has not turned egocentric, we see that now. But if we are to share, let us do so with the intent of being sincere, honest, and real.

In my case, I wish to only talk about my problems when I know I have solutions. Solutions that will help others who may experience the same things I do. I want to show those people that they are not alone and that they may also find a way out or through certain things. Life isn’t a highlight reel or in no way am I saying not to post about your life, just be more conscious as I know now to be. I know it can be a no brainer but as bloggers come about or readers, we all sometimes just want to rant or state opinions online. So I’ll leave off with this, it isn’t about what you post but why you post. Be blessed all. Gee_ology out.


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