My 10 life lessons

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Before I go and write the ten things I wish I learned earlier or things to remember, I wish others could take it in and truly ask themselves what are ten things you would tell yourself. I actually challenge you. Take 10 days and reflect on 10 things, one for each day, on a life lesson. Now to start:

1. God is your everything.

Take away everything you have and everyone around you and you feel you have nothing. We speak about loving ourselves or that it is only us but the reality is that God is always by your side. He will never leave you even if you deny Him, he cares about you more than yourself. Trust in Him and love according to His will.

2. Love beyond conditions.

We are not perfect, we are perfectly flawed-if that isn’t ironic or a paradox. Everyone is struggling upon this Earth. You are not greater than the man or woman next door. Stereotypes can evolve or tips but the reality is that love supersedes any condition, look, experience and etc. Truly love is sacrifice and brings change.

3. Be Present.

I’m not saying to forget your dreams or not think about what steps to take for the future. But, you should be aware of what you surround yourself with and what is going on, here and now. You only live once but most people just exist or are dead already living for something other than today. Appreciate every second and every person you encounter.

4. Life isn’t hard.

Out perceptions of life is altered by our experiences. We can say life is hard but the reality is that we have the choice to alter what is happening to us in an instant. Do your best and always live life and don’t merely proclaim you pursue it without seeing what is worth living for.

5. You are unique.

There literally is only one of you. No one else will have your thoughts or have your experiences because only you live through it. You perceive things differently and you feel things differently. We can all share the common living space but we don’t share the same body or soul. Don’t let anyone devalue you or try to make you feel worthless. Find who you are and embrace it because you were made to shine.

6. There’s no time limit.

You can be 12 or 26 and you may have discovered your love. You could be in your 50s and finish college. We don’t have to follow a status quo. Things happen when we grow and are mature in some aspects to handle it. You will always be growing and thinking you need more time but know, you don’t need to rush into things.

7. You will never be ready.

This is the reality and kind of has you turning your head slightly confused. I just stated there is no time limit, which is true, but as well, you can wait forever for the perfect time and it will pass you by. Take the risks, chase those dreams, confess your love. Life is short for us here and though you may long for eternity, our lives define who we will be there because of who we are here. 

8. Never stop growing.

We will never know everything there is to life. One can claim they’re experts and the next day a new discovery is made. You can think it is the end of the world because a relationship ends but you will build with another. There is more to learn and more to experience. Never let that drive die because you reached a certain age.

9. Happiness is a state of being

Happiness doesn’t depend on someone else or something else. Happiness is being. Being who you are and embracing those around you with love. It is a mindset. We can fill ourselves with negativity but it will only drown us in depression. Be happy. It is an act and not an emotion or something someone else can give you. 

10. Never Give up.

Never. I mean it. You can think that this life is not what you want but guess what, stop complaining and with hard work, work towards that life you see. That relationship you wish to hold, fight for that woman or man if they truly mean so much to you or are truly right. Get up or shut up is the motto but honestly just get up and keep going. Even if you have to crawl, do it.


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