Time To Wake Up

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The world is not yours. Shocking isn’t? I’ve heard it from all sources growing up and actually believed it. Taught that the world is mine for the taking and that I can accomplish anything. Truth of the matter is, I can only accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Everything requires action and focus. The world will keep spinning and time will never stop, we can only truly learn to use our time wisely.

It’s funny, most people would say it is another episode of Lucius just disappearing from the social media spectrum. This time around I didn’t post anything about or go into a rant on how much I hate it. I literally just decided one night that I just don’t want to use it anymore. It was as simple as that and it continues to be the case even now. I’ve learned a simple fact about life, No one really cares unless they truly do. 

I’ve actually played the card desiring some sort of reaction from people and the truth is, it isn’t worth it. As I have found myself more I have also learned that I have seen people who truly care about me. Add all of this to the reality that the world truly doesn’t revolve around us. No matter what someone tells you, no matter what you see or have about the movie scarface, the world isn’t “yours”.

It’s a delusion really, if you think about it. I’m not going to get into reasons again why the sudden disappearance. I understand that it is a good platform as a writer to use to help market their work. As of now, I am in charge of everything visual and audio related from the podcast and that is really all I would like to say. But doing that has helped me see my focus on my own life. 

People will get mad at me. They will say some things in regard to their lives destined to be great. I’m not saying that it isn’t but know that the world was not built to fall into your standard. That is the problem and why we get anxiety and depression. We are taught that the world owes us or we have to be rewarded based in what we do yet it never really pan’s out on us does it? 

Reason I brought up the bit with social media is because people have said that it is a part of life now, that it will launch them to new heights. That is all fine and dandy but really, how are you spending your time is what matters. Yes, what you prioritize is what counts really. The big reason I named this article, “Time to Wake Up”, it is always about time. I’ve stated it plenty of times, be present and live in the now, and I now am saying, it’s time, it will always be time. Stop thinking that you have to wait for a grand miracle, begin today. Know how to properly use your time and not waste it on pointless things. Like I said, social media is a great platform but when you’re just rummaging timelines and liking pics for hours without using it to “launch” your abilities or network, it is a time killer. So then here it is, time. Yet Like I said, not just that but the sense to turn it all for attention or ego which as stated earlier, the world isn’t yours. 

It may grind some people’s gears so to speak when I discuss these matters. I mean we all right at times or post because it is something we are trying to share. I’m not saying it is a bad thing to do these things like share what you think but know the intention and what you invest in. This is the whole premise to everything. Are we asleep believing that the world owes us? Are we allowing time to pass us by scrolling through sites or apps while our dreams are just that, dreams? It’s time we wake up and take a serious look at out lives and I’m saying all of this in regards to my own life.  Be blessed all. 


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