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I could feel the gentle breeze pierce my skin. It felt as if the wind was trying to counsel my soul. I stood looking out over the waters. The sounds of the night engulfing the thoughts that plague my mind. How can such a night be of such disarray when all the world seemed to be at peace at this very moment.

The lake reflected the night sky and amidst the passing ripples I could see the reflection even upon the dark waters. I could hardly remember how many nights I spent here. How the days seemed to merge into one because of the gentle caress of nature brushing against my soul. It was indeed peaceful.

Even with everything seeming serene I do manage to grab the gaze of those golden-brown eyes, hazel, shimmering back the moon’s light. I would spend time outlining the features of my face, who was that man staring back at me? How much has he changed? It would dawn on me that I never really took the time to appreciate it admire who I was it am. We effortlessly critique and point out our imperfections but there were these moments I just am amazed.

I moved my hands out and watched the reflection in the water. I could feel as if who I was seeing was a different person. I could feel the urge to want to grab a rock and throw it at the image. I felt mocked in a way. My senses came to me and I would find myself smiling. Seeing my smile actually made my smile grow bigger.

The whole action was more than what an average bystander would actually consider as narcissistic or concieted. It was more so actually acknowledging who I am. Finding that I too can love myself and reflect not only what I’ve done but who I am. I think we all forget to do that from time to time and yet, it is worth it in the end of the end. That is why I do it sometimes, just go to the park, walk upon that wooden bridge and just stop at the edge, look down at the water and see beyond the reflection.


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