The Next 24 Hours

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What is a day? A compilation of time adjusted by man in separation to mere minutes or even an hour. But in reality, what really is a day? We casually say that we will see others “within a day” . As we progress in life we hear that life is even a collection of days and you never know when it will be your last day on Earth.

I got a chance to hang out with one of my good friends yesterday. Within that day it started with a sense of rage because of what happened at work. From that day I just allowed myself to be consumed by the peace that always follows when I just breath and continue to live life. I never knew what it was in my life to actually sit and consider a day.

Yes, we create schedules that build into something that we can actually call a day. Even now, writing this on the day of one of my friends is getting married, one day can change a significant amount. Even if we would simplify it to an hour, any single choice can just take a second. It took one day for two people to fall in love. One day for even myself to have met that one person who would be my friend and jump start it to where I am now, 5 years later, and it leaves you in awe.

My favorite “chick flick” is About Time. The movie is about a guy who has the power to travel in time. Not to give any spoilers more spoilers but a challenge his dad gives him during the end is to relive a single day and appreciate all there is to life, the good and the bad. Every choice you make today will affect who you will be tomorrow and maybe who you will become years from now.

The greatest challenge I now have or what I challenge others as well is to took break things down to the simplest of things, not seconds but the next 60 minutes, the 24 hours before you. Learn to appreciate each precious moment because the reality is, you don’t know when it is your last day, but it is not your job to perfectly plan out your last day, you never know when it will be. Just look at where you are at today, focus on the time, now. Be blessed all.


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