My Name

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My name, when you hear it, what comes to mind? Times now forgotten or memories of life in nights under the lights. When you see my name, does the earth become your vision. My name, something gifted to myself and shared freely yet holds its own weight, afflictions. What comes to mind with my name? Letters compiled and signed as sincerely yours with dear yous. Bold with font and underlined showing how capital the action is. With verb all around which can be seen as profound. But can I really spell out trouble? A simple man troubled to Be what you see as if it all ends with Zs, asleep to the reality. How can my name once again touch lips, breathing relief, and joy? Sounds by tones of shades of grays but it folds in spectrums of light in vivid illustration. My name, known and given by my Father and yet I ask to hold close. Ask for it and see it engraved on thy heart awaiting for I do. I await to hear your own though my heart hears it and beats to the rhythm. Dancing to miss and hopefully miss us but join. Such a name. My own. My name is yours.

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