Game Over

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Twisted, wicked depictions creating friction. Illustrations of an image battling seasons. Articulate and face the great has never been. I’m no longer Aladdin seeking Jasmine. A carpet muncher hitting pots to find my joint. Flying higher to watch my genie wish me gold coins. Shadow has been laid to sleep. I don’t intend to keep the peace. Allow me to show y’all ladies respect. While Pokemen just want to stick and poke, no jokes. But watch as I speak in code. Ketchum ashes to pikachu, seeing their balls bounce in one’s and 2s. Holding up to control and master, pressing down B’s. Though they cheat cause they’ve become game sharks. But this isn’t a game boy. It’s not about catching them all, collectibles you toy. I keep the good book as my guide. Even though y’all think it’s foolish it’s become a light. I nintendo show the power that the dreamscast. Game over.


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