Lessons Learned

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Live with no regrets.

I don’t know who stated this quote. I could spend a few minutes researching it but I just want to write what is going on through my mind. A lot of things can happen in the span of a few hours. 

I can’t fully explain what happens when depression strikes. It is a feeling of nothingness while you feel yourself sinking in an ocean. The waves hit you and after a moment, you don’t fight the waves any more. 

I found myself looking back at old pictures and even managed to track the tags of my old Tumblr account. Believe it or not but before I started on wordpress or even formulated the concept of a blog, that was my place of escape. I read through the mind of a young man who was so focused on love and was indeed in love. During those days I was with my ex and it made me think about things in a different perspective. Did I really know myself?

The question I asked myself sent shivers through my spine. It is not surprising how I would say that I was narcissistic before or even how I preferred to manipulate people. I hated that about myself and though I understand the lessons learned, I have found that I do regret. 

It isn’t solely on how I treated people. Before anyone thinks this is me not moving on from my ex, yes I loved her, she was my first true love and I can honestly say a part of me loves her still, but this goes beyond that. I regret the choices I made because another quote marks my heart. 

“You will regret not starting a year ago”. 

I could hear the words as I tap on the screen of my phone. Like a typewriter or keyboard, I prefer to hear the tapping of the keys as I’m writing an article, story, and etc. I regret not having the mentality I have now to who I was. It isn’t about wondering and contemplating, living in the past, though depression causes that; I find myself angry at not realizing the lessons sooner. 

There is a time and place for everything as scripture describes. I understand that. I will one day get married and continue on in my life. I will never have it all “together”. I will fail. I will rise. These are the lessons you learn in life. I just wish I knew them sooner. 


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