I’m Me

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I’m a perfectly imperfect person searching for purpose and driven in service. I have no shame in who I am. I actually am confident and if I don’t like something, I change it. I’m as raw and honest as you’ll ever see. I didn’t understand that before but now I do. It’s good being me because in the end I’m too unique and there is only one of me. I don’t need to be someone else or wish to be them. I prefer my random, goofy, wise self. If you can’t accept me, then don’t act like it. I’m not here to impress people but shine and be the King I was meant to be. I have a good and bad side but I hope you can see beyond that. To love, live, share, teach, and lead in truth. I may be known as different names but I’m still me. I am Gee a.k.a Lucius. 


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