Call from God

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The call from God, the Gospel, though it is good news, is not to live comfortably and conformed to that of the world. When we are impacted with truth we are radically altered and drawn to repentance. Within this change we begin to drastically change who we are and what we used to do.

A changed life is the reflection of such an experience. Everything else is a mere attempt to show the appearance. You cannot say you are of one or the other without your life revealing your true intentions or beliefs. Truth cannot be hidden and always comes to light. This is why a person is changed in such a way and many ponder to what occurred. Yet let it not be mistaken, the change is first triggered by God.

Man cannot save himself and no matter what he does, he remains imperfect unless there is a mediator which is Christ. What follows after salvation and repentance always entails love, obedience and a firm relationship with the Father. To be Born Again is this what many may call foolish yet no man can understand it unless revealed. Keep strong in the faith and do not falter. Though we may fail, our rest and hope shall always be placed in God.


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