Wishing Well

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I wish with imaginations in blissful remembrance.

Reminiscing memories drifting past visions.

Regaining focus, living not in regret.

Benefits no longer compensation for desires wants.

My needs are not invested in pleasures dream.

Nightmare of days in streets, holding on to the king.

My doubts burn me in fear but God stands near.

Written love letter enveloped and delivered by Grace.

My faith is not change thrown to fountains.

Banked to save myself from the debts that pile as mountains.

My hope is not found by touching lamps but light.

Wishing well wishes with blessings as if it was magic.

But I wish not on blissful endeavors.

Kisses I wish I could relive.

People I wish were still around.

Though I wish the church could see the shape it’s in.

Completely uncovered sinner, naked in skin.

Broken mess that confesses with tongue untamed.

Honesty striking me as it bites those who oppose.

Learning to tame mind, body, and soul.

But my image is to bear and reflect you.

So why do I wish to be someone I am not?

Wishing for the cars, woman, and job.

Wishing wishes which will shape my being.

But I am not luck or a wish upon a star.

The shadows have seen it fall and now I come before God.

Oh God, forgive my wishes and let me humbly repent.

Acts or words as if miracles could be bought but bent.

Religion of tradition with cultural shifting as I was drifting.

Take me as I am and make me new.

If I wish may it be in your will.

If I wish, I wish with all my heart.

If I wish, I wish I will never part from you.

I wish to wish wishes which will reveal true intentions.

I wish to be as you intended.


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