New Year, New You?

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We are quick to realize that the new year is just days away. With the approach we begin to develop or create new goals, plans, and etc, to help motivate us to a “new” person. I’ve seen countless magazines as I’m checking out in the lines of supermarkets. It seems that as people we are quick to want something new and very rarely are we actually accepting of change. 

We have all heard the saying, “If it’s broke….” And of course you can finish the rest. This may not be an attractive post but I feel that it is necessary. We always want something new but as well When the new year comes and the resolutions have all been said, why is it that so many fail to accomplish it? 

The reality I’ve come to notice is that people are not truly ready for change. If this is not the case then people are usually more keen to see the challenges with the “new” and retreat to what is comfortable. You want to get that beach bod? Put in the work. You want to write that book? Put in the work. Just because it is a new year, does not mean that everything will be handed to you or that things will be attracted to fit your needs. 

Something very important needs to be understood, we don’t need a new year to change. We don’t need to set goals at the beginning of the week or promise ourselves that tomorrow will be the day. Everything or essentially true change, begins the moment you know what you need to sacrifice and begin at that precise moment to implement what is necessary to attain what you have envisioned. 

I’ve always been very skeptical when someone announced that they were waiting for the new year or that next year was the year God was going to do great things. God is not measured by time as we are not determined to be who we are based on the time before us. We do not know time. We can measure it and may balance our lives because of it, but ultimately, we do not know the time we have left. 

I say this as one who continuously tries go motivate others to be a better version of themselves or to allow God to accomplish His will within us. You don’t need a new year. We forget that the waiting process is also a time for growth where we learn who we are and are capable of before we allow what we will engage, or who we will be involved with, is revealed. Be blessed and truly I speak from the heart. Be the change you wish to see. Gee_ology signing out.


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