His Will

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Trickling sound of rain and the wind hitting my window keep me in constant thought. The choices I’ve made keep me in a constant state of depression. Yet, amidst the storms that pound my mental, I remain anchored. God has never left me.

We tend to forget why we started our career choices, why we moved, why we even said what we did. To make matter more complex, we completely forget what truly brought us to salvation and why we continue in the race. 

For a believer, we remember the day we got saved and can even come to share our testimony but then what follows next can lead us in different paths of not careful. We’re used to hearing of obstacles or what Satan can do. We can be ensnared to follow religion and be under rules, regulations, for our course. Yet through all of this, the biggest obstacle I’ve found is ourselves.

When you stop letting yourself get in between what God has planned for you, you will then grow. You think you know what’s right and you can debate if you do something for yourself or God. Understand that in all you do or who you are becoming, it should be for His glory, not your own. You are blessed with gifts and many will acknowledge or praise you, but the direction you lead should always point to Him, if you are truly a believer. The heart issue is resolved when He is your center and he has given you a new heart which reflects His own; when you radically destroy the ego, the self and come humbly before God.

I think that is something I speak about or reiterate from time to time. Something I need pounded into my head til I fully trust God as well.

It is easier said than done, to love for God. Yet, we’re not told of the persecution, the hate and etc, that follows. For if they did not accept Him who died for us, what more will follow those who worship Him? 

We can enter the mediums of entertainment, different industries to attain a level which is promoted in the world. Just as I can blog and be on a podcast but the real question arises, what is the purpose? We can say as writers that writing is an escape and I find myself at fault to this. But and this is huge, what are you trying to escape? Lucius, what or who are you trying to escape from? Did not God make all things new and put to death your sins? Why must you continuously forget or think you can do what you already could not without God?

After all of this I’m reminded that as I come humbly to Him in repentance, my heart yearns to truly do His will. He speaks to me, the Spirit revealing scripture. Trust in Him, that He shall give me the words, He will give me a new mind, but ultimately I must let Him. I get in the way, my ego. This is why Christ calls us to die daily and so the call continues to be made, to carry out cross and follow Him.


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