In Name Only

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Don’t just think I speak truth, watch my actions. Though I may have it written that I’m saved on status’s, it doesn’t mean I’m born again. If I speak boasting myself and say It’s from God, my fruits are rotten. Torn down by disease, my nature slowly eating me within. But I’ll occasionally post pictures of highlighted texts to show you I liked the passages. The message never delivered but because I hear it every Sunday, I guess it’s the same. Remember, it’s in my bio, I also have an app that sends me verses. Check off my religion as Christian. Are you sure my truth would stand in a court of law? Maybe of man but not in God’s. Though I would prefer to judge others outside the church than see my own flaws. Saying I believe while I blame Him when I can’t count my blessings. Lessons never learned as I crawl through the Earth. I prefer the taste of dirt than that of Heaven. Just because I may carry the good book it doesn’t mean I follow its words. Still trying to find a way because He never knew me in the last day. Still, you can call me a Christian but that doesn’t mean I am one. It’s in name only.


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