In the Garden

Bristling wind, flowing through her hair, brushing against her skin. The melodic arrangement of nature captivated her.

It was as if time stood still, as the swaying leaves and trees around her, spread out, and enveloped the waters. What was this feeling? The serenity brought about by the shades and tones of green.

Though she held to memories, reminiscing times of long ago, she felt at peace, was this feeling close to being home?

Greatest of Gifts

You will only pay attention to what affects you or has influence over you, based on perception or experience. With this said, I have seen people shift to a sheep like mind state, where, what is pushed by the masses, becomes your focus. This is not news but has gradually increased as ignorance is a norm. We are now taught to “know”, means you are of intellect, when memorization is more important than application.

How far the world has come, where we fight for protection, freely give our security to be dependent, and believe we chase after unity, while continuously growing division. We believe ourselves to be masters of our own world, while trapped within our own minds and controlled by emotions. I believe this is why we would rather invest in digital screens than people. We have turned to ourselves instead of sharing and helping others. We should be the effect of a cause, not simply become affected by it. True change is not given freely but radically altered within a person or people. Yet, we hold to ideals that falter due to our imperfections or belief that all must abide within our own notions and never in truth.

Woe is me, a mere mortal, one you can strip to the very bones and see my frailty. To speak with this boldness is frowned upon. For as man desires peace, he sees not the war raging inside him or around, threatening his existence.

We stand at the edge of humanity awaiting our judgment before cast into sea. Yet who is to blame but ourselves for the choices made. Our degradation a byproduct of selfish intentions. Let us truly reflect and come in love to abide in truth, encompass the solidity of its purest nature and envelope it within ourselves. For as they say we are of the dust or made of stars, let us treat our home with respect, to embrace the coming ages and shine amongst our brothers and sisters in true unity. For though we come together, we each serve a purpose, not of fate, luck, but as one who is connected to this race we run. Never forget, you are loved and to love, for this is the greatest of gifts.

Secret to Finding Someone

Find someone who makes you forget about your phone, helps you live in the moment but will have you losing track of time. Find someone as imperfect as yourself, that reveals to you humanity, while never placing them on a pedastool. Find someone that when you look at them you could see a future, but never rushing to escape these precious moments, in the present. Find someone you can laugh with, be best friends with, but still become captivated with.

The secret to finding this person? There isn’t one, just be yourself and grow. Two people will one day be connected and grow together. It isn’t magic or rocket science, it takes work, respect, trust.

Soaring Heart

I don’t know why people think I’m so cold. Is it because I speak from a broken soul? But what if I told you it has been restored and I simply want to see the world burn? Would you think I was mad and never come close? Would you think I have gotten to this state alone? Maybe I’m just trying to reignite the passion we all yearn. The light amidst the darkness, from which we are born. Lessons learned, so if you remember me, start to lose those memories. Begin to see life and change beyond reveries. Mystery of what was in the shadows, the unknown. Photo exposed, revealing one who grew a backbone and gained control. So now if you test me, just know where I stand. An imperfect man who is warmed. Soaring heart in where only in the Heavens I burn.

The Pull

Allow me to dive within the ocean of your eyes. Drowning in your mind. Give me time to reveal to you why I hold you tight. Long nights beside you while we enjoy the ride. But If you’re uncertain, I’ll confirm, it’ll be all right. Because I was left with choices to reach new heights. After I was broken and was brought back to life. You now hold a man who no longer runs wild. Let me trace your lines as you smile. And though you don’t believe in fantasy. The reality is that you are magic to me. Your words spelling new enchantments of the seas. So please, know that I don’t promise you the world. I promise to be whole and hold you close. Know that though I may sink, I keep afloat; you pull me in.

Welcoming Change

Change is essential and these past few years have taught me to accept the present, don’t long for the future, and let myself grow as a man. I know who I am and I don’t mind not knowing where I’m going but where I need to be.

We all have flaws and we can’t do this alone. No matter what society tries to teach us, it is better to have those around you that truly care. I have my friends, family, girlfriend, who support me. I may change my hair color a lot too but I like to see it as a constant reminder that I’m different. I was never made to fit in.

Poetry is my release, music is my echo, writing is fueled by my blood; I am art. I don’t need a blog, social media, and etc, to share my thoughts or who I am or have been through. I hope I can properly articulate the message that love and truth should be what guides our soul. I am Lucius A. Wulfe this is my story, Gee_ology.

Love Is In The Air

I cannot fully recall how focused I was in finding a true sense of being loved. I’m not saying all of this because I’m in a relationship now or I’m thrown through every facet of love, confessing it to the world. Yesterday was Valentine’s day and beyond any notion I once held, I found myself drawn to the holiday that I once fought against.

It wasn’t for any particular reason really. I was not consumed by consumerism and that I “had” to get my girlfriend a gift-she isn’t even like that. I just was caught in the sense of what it means to truly spend time with someone.

After work, we hung out by getting something to eat, nothing extremely fancy and not even what people consider an “epic” date. It was more so, just peaceful. Time ceased to exist and for the most part, it was as we joke about, it felt like a scene from a movie.

I feel like we have lost the sense of what love or caring for someone actually means. We are quick to ask the questions, what will I gain from this, as if thr other person owes us. I spend my days fighting my anxiety when the questions arise, will I hurt her? But this is the biggest problem we face, we don’t know the outcome of any relationship or even in a broader spectrum, event.

We can spend years trying to figure out what “works” in marriages or for couples but everyone is different. Love cannot be measured or described to its entirety by human minds for we can only grab a glimpse of what love actually is. I can say that love has always been seen and defined by God, but to truly grasp that, one has to come to the revelation of Him.

I have spent a good portion of my life beating myself up about love, intimacy, caring, and etc. I sacrificed a lot but ultimately I saw that I was selfish. When it came down actually meeting someone I trusted and understood me to the minimalist of details, I truly opened up. This is where I am now, just another human being trying to act tough, be independent and unique when I am better off being weak in the sense that I am strong doing so, by showing emotions, by coming together not only with someone I care about but others, that in my uniqueness I can help others. To love and be loved is the greatest gift you can ever experience.

Don’t let a day or occasion define a moment or experience, don’t let commitments be drawn only by promises of a dated time. Love entirely or do not love at all. To love is not just what we have defined-infatuation, lust, sex-it transcends much more than this. Love by forgiving, love by changing, love by sacrificing, love by not only loving yourself but loving others as you would like to be loved, truly love and care.

I may sound like a broken record at times but I have learned in the few years I have on this planet, that love supersedes any amount of knowledge or wisdom I have gained. Gee_ology signing out.

Each Breath

You never truly notice each breath you take. Now sure, you reading this, start to count and observe each passing breath. The air that fills your lungs or escapes your body continues without your full attention.

Let’s step back for a moment and begin to see the intricacy of life. Without all the weighted perception or distractions thrown at us, we see the complexity. With all of this said, life shows us that even without our full focus, it continues.

I’ve tried to mask my feelings before in a variety of ways, work, art, and etc. Amidst the turmoil I would either ignore, push to the side, or try to disregard, until I was ready to face them, life would continue. This whole realization that each passing breath was more than my body functioning as intended, I saw it as the reality, we are truly alive.

It shouldn’t come as a shock, we are born, do this or that, you can insert a blank, life doesn’t stop because someone dies. Each breath reveals the struggles we’ve overcome, the happiness we have felt, and etc. We are in fact surviving and growing.

If I told you I could remember the details of every find memory to the minimalist of details, you would think I’m crazy. I know some people who quickly respond, “Lucius, don’t waste your breath.”. I tend to try to use as much of the life I’ve been given to help reshape the world. Even recording an episode from the podcast, talking about peace, I would breath knowing I am here, now, alive, so why not use the best of my time.

We truly don’t know when it’s going to be the last breath we take. We don’t know the last breath before a big switch will happen in our lives. All we know is that people who learn to control their breathing, find that they could push through further. Now I’m writing all of this using parables. First thing a boxer, runner, and etc learn is to control your breathing, if not, you will tire easily. This can be seen with everything about life. Life is not measured by how much it “throws” at you but your perception to it based on the truth seen or tested and guess what, within all of that, we are ourselves are tested.

We are told that life is like running a race. What is causing you to be out of breath, what causes difficulty to breathe, what can be drawn from the air around us? Learn to breathe and with every breath you take, know it is a gift. Remember, breathe, everything will be ok. God is the life giver and he allows us to breathe. Take in every breath and keep going.


I got tired of lavish dreams. I’m now living within lucid fabrics of reality. Forget me for who I was and let me rest in pieces. Broken soul restored by the God who is mocked by Heathens. I yell out to the world, revealing the proof beyond reason. Heaven can be a mile away. But on this day I reach its gates. My girl supporting my vision I envision. Though at times I can seem twisted, trapped in the prison. Mental captivity described in similes. An Anomaly orally giving remedies.


Just imagine for a brief moment all of the internet just shut down. Society, though not overtaken to a y2k scenario, has reverted back to the years where we no longer could ever foresee.

I was talking to my girl about how society has become so wrapped up into technology. We laughed for a couple of moments about how, where I work, they use a computer system that seems to still be from the 80s. The realization struck me a couple days later, today, we are so dependent on technology.

I remember when I was a kid how our technology was just our radios, television, and I wasn’t really aware of a computer until I was like 9 years old. Even with that, I wasn’t as “sucked” in as I see people today. My niece could pick up a phone and scroll through YouTube, even Netflix, with ease, and she is not even fully 2 years old. I see kids everywhere now engaged, as well as adults. The digital age has truly taken over.

Granted, apart from the realization of how dependent we have all become, I find we need time to stretch not only our bodies but our mind. What was truly the last phone number we ever memorized? What information could we truly explain without having to pull out our phones and type, looking for answers on Google?

You would think someone who now focuses on using these mediums, not to tell you to have time to pull the plug for a few moments. But I’ve seen the damage it is doing to us as people.

I’ve spoken about it before, my distaste of being fully engulfed by social media, but not just that, it is anything really. Instead of finding balance we allow something to control us or become an idol. This isn’t necessarily to help you see the reality we are in but to help you find a peace of mind.

We get bombarded in a daily basis and let it cause us stress. We believe that being connected all the time or even focused on a specific thing will cause us peace. Let us take the time and see what we are truly plugged into and disconnect at times to help us focus.