Breathing Easy

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My vacation is almost over!

I’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of time to breathe. I’ve been seriously contemplating the next steps to take in life.

I got to visit family in New jersey and New York City. Though it’s been roughly 18 years since I visited up north, I felt such comfort. It was bizarre. My mind would go through memory lane and I could feel what I’ve been feeling these past few years in Florida, out of place, but out there, a sense of being.

Now, I love all the experiences I’ve encountered in Florida, the good and the bad. But I know that I won’t be here forever in the sunshine state. I’m currently running a podcast and I know God is using me to continue within that ministry. I also had a sense of relief when I saw the streets of Orlando, outside the window of the plane.

I’ve gotten used to the space in Florida. The northern States seemed crammed. I loved the feeling and atmosphere of the people though. I could actually talk at my regular speed without having someone tell me to slow down. I believe Florida just makes people more passive or relaxed, something I’m trying to avoid.

With all of this being said, I caught a glimpse of my life as a traveling writer. The results of it all is, I LOVED IT! I have never felt so free before in a long time. Of course, I feel that way while preaching or talking about my research but this time it felt different. I was constantly being inspired. The whole scenery of the hustle and bustle were moments to grasp character traits, qualities, environment and etc. When I first stepped home, here, I had to write in my journal. I found myself recording my spoken words and researching intensely.

What this whole experience has shown me is that, life truly is more than the stress we allow to invade. Life isn’t guaranteed but it is meant to be lived.


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