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Just imagine for a brief moment all of the internet just shut down. Society, though not overtaken to a y2k scenario, has reverted back to the years where we no longer could ever foresee.

I was talking to my girl about how society has become so wrapped up into technology. We laughed for a couple of moments about how, where I work, they use a computer system that seems to still be from the 80s. The realization struck me a couple days later, today, we are so dependent on technology.

I remember when I was a kid how our technology was just our radios, television, and I wasn’t really aware of a computer until I was like 9 years old. Even with that, I wasn’t as “sucked” in as I see people today. My niece could pick up a phone and scroll through YouTube, even Netflix, with ease, and she is not even fully 2 years old. I see kids everywhere now engaged, as well as adults. The digital age has truly taken over.

Granted, apart from the realization of how dependent we have all become, I find we need time to stretch not only our bodies but our mind. What was truly the last phone number we ever memorized? What information could we truly explain without having to pull out our phones and type, looking for answers on Google?

You would think someone who now focuses on using these mediums, not to tell you to have time to pull the plug for a few moments. But I’ve seen the damage it is doing to us as people.

I’ve spoken about it before, my distaste of being fully engulfed by social media, but not just that, it is anything really. Instead of finding balance we allow something to control us or become an idol. This isn’t necessarily to help you see the reality we are in but to help you find a peace of mind.

We get bombarded in a daily basis and let it cause us stress. We believe that being connected all the time or even focused on a specific thing will cause us peace. Let us take the time and see what we are truly plugged into and disconnect at times to help us focus.

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