Welcoming Change

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Change is essential and these past few years have taught me to accept the present, don’t long for the future, and let myself grow as a man. I know who I am and I don’t mind not knowing where I’m going but where I need to be.

We all have flaws and we can’t do this alone. No matter what society tries to teach us, it is better to have those around you that truly care. I have my friends, family, girlfriend, who support me. I may change my hair color a lot too but I like to see it as a constant reminder that I’m different. I was never made to fit in.

Poetry is my release, music is my echo, writing is fueled by my blood; I am art. I don’t need a blog, social media, and etc, to share my thoughts or who I am or have been through. I hope I can properly articulate the message that love and truth should be what guides our soul. I am Lucius A. Wulfe this is my story, Gee_ology.

1 comments on “Welcoming Change”

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