Inspire and Aspire Change

Breathe in, breath out.

I am currently at work right now and the small plaque on the wall seemed to call out to me. I snapped a quick picture and the words seem to now flow from within. Inspire. We hear the word all throughout life and to see its meaning now, it has sparked “inspiration”.

As people, it is common in this day and age to bring others down. I’ve noticed that we now have become comfortable as people and bought into the mainstream news format, fear. Because of all of this, we feel safe or when others do not share our points of views, we see ourselves as to a higher standard. Not everyone is like this, but for the most part, we have been conditioned to hold to ourselves greater than our neighbor.

This brings me back to seeing the word inspire. Since the beginning of my blog, I swore it would be used to inspire others or motivate them. Not only has it been a continuously process but it has allowed me to grow as a man. Inspire is a verb, in so being the case, I take action. It is always easy to speak or post eloquent words into existence but does it hold on its own or come with a deep foundation, understanding, and etc?

What I am trying to convey is that to truly inspire others, We have to remove this egocentric behavior we hold and truly help others. Not only must we change but because of inspiration, we allow the world to kove forward as an evolving race, intended to continue to a better future. Each man, woman, and child, has a dream, we are called to accomplish these dreams. So let us not continue in rivalry or hate but come together and inspire one another as people, beyond words but action.

Welcoming Love

Quivering lips met by quickened breaths, pierced by eyes, locked within the arrays of colors; Tones of Earth creating a blossoming field of natures beauty as the light reflected from them reveals the radiance of such sight.

Passing fingers in motion to trace the lines marked in the hands by time.

Warmed embrace met with beating hearts to match in unison, calling for the other.

Longing souls quenched with exchanges from passing words in silence.

Dancing words with empty sounds as lips divide and come together to give reason.

Bare, in solace of touch, deeply moved by the bodies of poetry written on canvases drawn.

Becoming as one, yet holding close to the others own being, whole.

Cosuming oil that engulfs by the sparking of names to light the night.

Curtains opened to catch refreshing scents drifting from fresh fruit grown after planting seeds, past winters; A summers breeze carried as such warmth is welcomed.

Treasured dawns, come from the deep, bring the songs of tomorrow, welcoming lover’s embrace.

(Inspired by Songs of Solomon and a couple of things, enjoy)

Match Made In Heaven

If this was a match made in heaven I guess that is why it took us so long to meet on Earth and why without you it’s Hell. I kept getting change in the wishing well. Years gone by and now we’ve arrived right by each other’s side. Let me make up for all the lost time. I don’t regret the choices in the past because to get to you has been worth it. Properly written meaning defining what I’ve spent searching. You are much more than an angel and I promise that I am not a saint. I rather you see that I’m a sinner who is still running this race. Forgive me because I know I don’t promise you the I world. I just know that you’re worth much more. I love you to infinity and beyond. See my shadow and know that the space has ended, wish upon a star. For we can be the match made in Heaven so light it all up. Know that this is love. Hold my hand and know I don’t want anyone else. You stand by side and without you it’s Hell. Find us on Earth and know this is much more than fantasy, You are my reality.

Sounds of Love

Allow me to recite to you the songs of the ages. Tunes played by singing birds, orchestrated in nature to the flowing wind and tides. Your voice echoes beyond chaotic storms, bring calm to a restless soul. I have seen your face and have found your mind with equal fascination. Loving words shared by passing tones while the calls are made, sharing affection. Connections beyond space grasping hold and intersecting hearts far exceeding explanation. Yet the definition is clearly seen, this is love. Catch me observe your breath and match it with my own, as you become air to me. Ground shattering beneath me but your arms hold me in delicate touch. Coming to find beating hearts gripped as the hole left is filled by pieces of one whole. Carry me with your gaze to blissful endeavours. Take my hand as I have awaited your arrival to this adventure. Fear not, though strings of doubt may form, know my name is yours to speak and keep for tomorrow. Know that I shall love you forever more. Understanding one another and our own selves to come to terms with the marching bands. Music played for centuries and in this parade we dance. Let my love for you be shown and heard, written throughout time. My love, I am yours, the sounds of love can be heard from my heart in hand, hold it close, it’s yours…

Keep Me In Reality

They keep telling me I need a dollar to have a dream. But you can keep asleep in the American dream. I’m here to reach the highest peaks. You can peep but I rather be known as the wolf amongst sheep. Keeping away from the posts before they take my coat and roast. See the blood red from my brothers who bled trying to escape being broke. Finding the rush buying or selling coke. But I’m talking about in the grocery store. See, you ignore that the hood isn’t just about blowing smoke. I remember cold nights, candle lights or no lights. Marking up letters to deliver what I can with these food stamps. I wasn’t seeking a grand, I just wanted to help my fam. Escaping the streets as I was homeless with tears in my eyes. Contemplating if I was due to die. But now I keep hearing people wish to have it all, while they remain slaves. The chains shifting to all races, racing and not seeing they’re still stuck in the same places. Never Facing truth, still consumed by greed. So we’re given a sense of hope and we quickly forget what we truly need. All want to be hard so we let our hearts turn to stone. No one wants to be real, stuck in fantasy and so drown in oceans from the sirens calling from phones. Looking down we lose sight of the true direction. But we want to be high, fumbling over misinformation and living our imaginations. So take it to the bank I don’t want the dollar, I want change. I don’t want to dream. Keep me in reality.

Priceless Value

“Don’t take anyone for granted.”

The words echo in my mind as I write this. We are so quick to present to others our own importance that we forget that others hold a special value themselves.

My girlfriend recently made me food and knowing how I am, I hardly eat but the moment she surprised me, I was shell shocked. Imagine being actually hungry and not wanting to spend anything and someone gives you food-that was me. It isn’t even someone as small as that but also what and how she is to me.

All of this has brought me to really look at everyone individually. Like what do they mean to me. Friends and families we keep close but still we forget that everyone has touched us in a small way. Everyone is connected and who we consider special, others can consider strangers and vice versa. When we step back and see how connected we all are, we start to come together instead of tearing eachother down.

Yet this is not the case in society. We are continuously pounded with a racial identity as well as a stereotype that has been embedded since birth or the cultures integration in the media. I for one am not one who can properly explain all of this but I can say that people in general, or a person, has value.

It doesn’t matter how small of a person in the status or title they claim to hold or are seen with. We try to create a divide as a ruling class or people yet never realize that of you were to remove all clothing, structure and place us in the wild, we are just people trying to survive. Doesn’t matter color or race, we are so quick to divide and categorize eachother.

Now, though I speak as to the value of all, our individuality shows a value as well. Like my girlfriends example, she is probably the only person I have met who seems to understand me completely. I can’t really explain it but evwrything doesn’t seem forced but seems to flow and just with her listening to my rants, being able to be silent with her, talk to her, laugh, she is priceless, yet is very dear to me.

What I am trying to convey is to truly see people for not only who they are but what they mean to you. People make mistakes and no one is perfect but everyone is still important to someone, doesn’t matter what you may think of them. As Well, learn to never forget your own value. Be blessed.

Treasure Time

Remembering moments where we grow anxious of passing time as kids. Yet When I look at you, it is as if time stands still. Seconds holding you close as minutes accumulate into hours, with eyes locked upon one another. Tracing your features as presentations are drawn when you are before me. Eyes finding color by the light of your smile; See them forever change in an array as hazel gems are your treasure. Forgive me for letting such time apart not arrive sooner, yet it was not ours. But now let it continue to move around us in circles, frozen when we are close to its edge. Hands intertwined by fingers locked finding its course by natural flow. Endless promises I carry not as the present keeps us in reality from a fantasy. But know that these words are not fleeting letters passed on in the battlefield of hearts. You come into focus and as continues to drop and pass on the hourglass, I find a sense of paradise in the desert that once was. Find me tuning the strings and bring about new music with each passing word. You are your own, the queen I see.

Looking at the Words Written

They tell you in life to keep looking forward. ‘Never turn back’ is actually a motto to some people. Taking time to reflect upon certain things has led me to write this article.

Yesterday I was rereading certain poems and entries that I wrote for the blog. I could see how much I’ve improved as well as how much I needed to take time and seriously look at my work. I tend to look at life and reflect upon the lessons learned but this is included it in it. I don’t know how many times I facepalmed myself as I saw common mistakes, words being used, even punctuation mistakes. Like I’ve stated, I’ve never taken a creative writing class and all I have to work with is practice, workshops I may attend and tips, tricks, etc, I can pick up. I do seriously want to be a successful writer.

I was asked the question again, if I didnt get paid, would I still write? Of course I would, this is a huge part of who I am now. I honestly can’t see myself living a life and not being able to write. In saying this, I want to take this more seriously. I have been cutring out key things that do not allow me the time to write, social media, gaming, and etc. So far the cuts have been quite helpful and I have written more than before-even though I haven’t been posting as much as I should, here. But the reality is, I am not forcing myself to write, I just feel a need to write and everything else is a distraction that does not benefit my choice to do so or my life as a whole.

Even with rereading my work before it is posted, I also need to carefully examine what I say or do. My words truly have the power to change someone, as well as myself. I am not a child or a teenager, I am an adult and I will continue to grow, leading others and influencing them, based on the choices I am making now. And so I also encourage people to do the same. Look back and see where you are going and What you need to do to change and truly pursue your goals.

The Return

The gasps were echoed among the crowded space, as my presence was known. Amidst the pleasant company surrounding me, none was welcoming. To have been known and as the passing light fades revealing my identity, I am forgotten and remembered to pasts thought to have been forgiven. But is the revelation overwhelming to such a degree that the sweltering rays of my gaze, reflects and melts away the thoughts frozen in time? How is it possible for mere mortals to hold such distaste in eternal promises? Silence growing louder as my beating drum knew no sound or feeling, for heart was left in hand but dropped to shatter in pieces without a right mind.

Whispers emerged after what appeared to be a timeless voyage seeking refuge but setting sail to the storm on the horizon. Shadow cast from setting sun to glowing light, trying to peer through veils. Unbeknownst the audience, my passing was recounted as a tale but never an epic beyond fables landing passing eyes, only ears. Now the stories interwoven by my appearance, wraps in perfect unison, depicting the nature of my existence. I am no ghost.

Masquerade in celebration now halted by an unmasked man. Facades drawn to a blank, revealing the clarity of vision. Meaning is not lost but rooted with passing encounters, defining actions as nothing more. Empty words holding no fruit as space is given with each foot drifting across and so I carry on.

Beady eyes finding worth by bringing down looks. Holding themselves in high esteem while imperfections ring out and deafens the building of words piling up the monumental moment, bestowed by my arrival. My return apparent and yet never embraced or foreseen, though quick action is given by none at all. Find me leave the quarrels of minds and feelings to depart on my return as an endless paradox.