Priceless Value

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“Don’t take anyone for granted.”

The words echo in my mind as I write this. We are so quick to present to others our own importance that we forget that others hold a special value themselves.

My girlfriend recently made me food and knowing how I am, I hardly eat but the moment she surprised me, I was shell shocked. Imagine being actually hungry and not wanting to spend anything and someone gives you food-that was me. It isn’t even someone as small as that but also what and how she is to me.

All of this has brought me to really look at everyone individually. Like what do they mean to me. Friends and families we keep close but still we forget that everyone has touched us in a small way. Everyone is connected and who we consider special, others can consider strangers and vice versa. When we step back and see how connected we all are, we start to come together instead of tearing eachother down.

Yet this is not the case in society. We are continuously pounded with a racial identity as well as a stereotype that has been embedded since birth or the cultures integration in the media. I for one am not one who can properly explain all of this but I can say that people in general, or a person, has value.

It doesn’t matter how small of a person in the status or title they claim to hold or are seen with. We try to create a divide as a ruling class or people yet never realize that of you were to remove all clothing, structure and place us in the wild, we are just people trying to survive. Doesn’t matter color or race, we are so quick to divide and categorize eachother.

Now, though I speak as to the value of all, our individuality shows a value as well. Like my girlfriends example, she is probably the only person I have met who seems to understand me completely. I can’t really explain it but evwrything doesn’t seem forced but seems to flow and just with her listening to my rants, being able to be silent with her, talk to her, laugh, she is priceless, yet is very dear to me.

What I am trying to convey is to truly see people for not only who they are but what they mean to you. People make mistakes and no one is perfect but everyone is still important to someone, doesn’t matter what you may think of them. As Well, learn to never forget your own value. Be blessed.


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