Keep Me In Reality

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They keep telling me I need a dollar to have a dream. But you can keep asleep in the American dream. I’m here to reach the highest peaks. You can peep but I rather be known as the wolf amongst sheep. Keeping away from the posts before they take my coat and roast. See the blood red from my brothers who bled trying to escape being broke. Finding the rush buying or selling coke. But I’m talking about in the grocery store. See, you ignore that the hood isn’t just about blowing smoke. I remember cold nights, candle lights or no lights. Marking up letters to deliver what I can with these food stamps. I wasn’t seeking a grand, I just wanted to help my fam. Escaping the streets as I was homeless with tears in my eyes. Contemplating if I was due to die. But now I keep hearing people wish to have it all, while they remain slaves. The chains shifting to all races, racing and not seeing they’re still stuck in the same places. Never Facing truth, still consumed by greed. So we’re given a sense of hope and we quickly forget what we truly need. All want to be hard so we let our hearts turn to stone. No one wants to be real, stuck in fantasy and so drown in oceans from the sirens calling from phones. Looking down we lose sight of the true direction. But we want to be high, fumbling over misinformation and living our imaginations. So take it to the bank I don’t want the dollar, I want change. I don’t want to dream. Keep me in reality.


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