Sounds of Love

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Allow me to recite to you the songs of the ages. Tunes played by singing birds, orchestrated in nature to the flowing wind and tides. Your voice echoes beyond chaotic storms, bring calm to a restless soul. I have seen your face and have found your mind with equal fascination. Loving words shared by passing tones while the calls are made, sharing affection. Connections beyond space grasping hold and intersecting hearts far exceeding explanation. Yet the definition is clearly seen, this is love. Catch me observe your breath and match it with my own, as you become air to me. Ground shattering beneath me but your arms hold me in delicate touch. Coming to find beating hearts gripped as the hole left is filled by pieces of one whole. Carry me with your gaze to blissful endeavours. Take my hand as I have awaited your arrival to this adventure. Fear not, though strings of doubt may form, know my name is yours to speak and keep for tomorrow. Know that I shall love you forever more. Understanding one another and our own selves to come to terms with the marching bands. Music played for centuries and in this parade we dance. Let my love for you be shown and heard, written throughout time. My love, I am yours, the sounds of love can be heard from my heart in hand, hold it close, it’s yours…

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