Match Made In Heaven

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If this was a match made in heaven I guess that is why it took us so long to meet on Earth and why without you it’s Hell. I kept getting change in the wishing well. Years gone by and now we’ve arrived right by each other’s side. Let me make up for all the lost time. I don’t regret the choices in the past because to get to you has been worth it. Properly written meaning defining what I’ve spent searching. You are much more than an angel and I promise that I am not a saint. I rather you see that I’m a sinner who is still running this race. Forgive me because I know I don’t promise you the I world. I just know that you’re worth much more. I love you to infinity and beyond. See my shadow and know that the space has ended, wish upon a star. For we can be the match made in Heaven so light it all up. Know that this is love. Hold my hand and know I don’t want anyone else. You stand by side and without you it’s Hell. Find us on Earth and know this is much more than fantasy, You are my reality.


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