Welcoming Love

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Quivering lips met by quickened breaths, pierced by eyes, locked within the arrays of colors; Tones of Earth creating a blossoming field of natures beauty as the light reflected from them reveals the radiance of such sight.

Passing fingers in motion to trace the lines marked in the hands by time.

Warmed embrace met with beating hearts to match in unison, calling for the other.

Longing souls quenched with exchanges from passing words in silence.

Dancing words with empty sounds as lips divide and come together to give reason.

Bare, in solace of touch, deeply moved by the bodies of poetry written on canvases drawn.

Becoming as one, yet holding close to the others own being, whole.

Cosuming oil that engulfs by the sparking of names to light the night.

Curtains opened to catch refreshing scents drifting from fresh fruit grown after planting seeds, past winters; A summers breeze carried as such warmth is welcomed.

Treasured dawns, come from the deep, bring the songs of tomorrow, welcoming lover’s embrace.

(Inspired by Songs of Solomon and a couple of things, enjoy)


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