Quenching the Fire

How long has it been? A month? Two months? When was the last time I wrote a post? I don’t really remember but here I am, alive and well.

My blog has shifted more so to being able to write my poetry. It seems that I have slowly found myself drifting to poetry and abstract art these past few months. For those who may have followed me due to how I was before, I apologize. I am not saying I will strictly reserve my blog now to those two forms of art, I am just saying that I love to do them more. I will still come on from time to time and encourage everyone depending on time and experiences I face.

One thing I have felt myself compelled to relay is the reason I do art. Some call it expression, giving life to thoughts and emotions, for me it has to do with being able to quench the fire I have inside.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If there is something you dream about, chase after it.”. For me, writing is an essential part of my soul, who I am. Stretch back to little, young me and see that a massive part of my life revolved around writing, art in general.

I needed an outlet, a way to express myself, this is true. I also understood that if I didn’t create or allow myself to flow with words or color, I felt like I was missing something.

I was fortune enough to attend megacon once again and I sat amongst other writers for a panel/workshop. The whole feel of being around like minded people fuels my inspiration and allows me some motivation to keep going. I am not a well known author, let’s face the facts or even a known blogger. But all of this does not stop me from continuing my path as a writer. I feel like the fires within my heart are only quenched when I do what I love, writing, poetry, and art such as abstract.

So then I come to everyone as one artist to another. Keep going. This seems to be my slogan now. I tell my girlfriend this all the time when I see her work. Don’t think about the what ifs or becoming the next big thing, just do what you love and keep going. You can push in long hours and see your dreams being accomplished 20 years from now. Keep focused and keep going, quench the fire.

Forever Yours

Take my heart and know it’s yours. Let the strings of love bring me closer and out of the storms of emotions. Know me to be who I am and find comfort in certainty. What can be said by the choices of one man? Let my actions speak for itself, though these words touch lips and are met with your own. Reminisce of times spent and allow me to create new memories. May I cover you with love? My apologies, for I can see it overflow. Your beauty cannot be masked so continue to keep in radiance. Your eyes the window and body a temple. Let your rivers flow and find me entering your stream. The voyage sought by long preparation, I seek not a destination. Your company, my love, is all true. Keep me close and know I shall not part. I am forever yours.

Eternal Promise

O lady of my heart, hear my cries.

Let not this yearning heart starve without your presence.

Keep me interwoven within your rivers.

Amidst your hills and pasture, let my weary soul find rest.

Brought by passing time and sought through voyages leading to shipwrecks.

An open sea, though the deep has helped me find solace.

Your silk and ever flowing waves brings me to shore.

Decisions made in destination of the unknown.

The light from the heavens guides my path.

You forever are the vagrant rose.

Bringing scents of senses I revel in, bathing new pleasantries in thought were forgotten.

Blissful endeavors beyond reason marvel at your mere sight and reality awakens to your beauty.

Lady of my heart, forever yours, hold me close and I shall be in eternal promise.

Studying a Piece of Me

I’ve been extremely busy. Work has had me working to the point that as soon as I get home, I just want to lay in bed and talk to my girl.

It’s crazy how life moves around in such ways that you you perceive it all to be just a fluid motion. I was looking back at past events and a lot has been on my mind because of it all.

I’ve been writing poetry more frequently but I haven’t posted it just yet. I’ve been trying to get it sold and published on a site. But I also haven’t just keep anyone that follows me, “up to date”.

Life’s been good. No grand issues or unresolved tensions masquerading as smiles. My OCD tried to peer in and I was worried for a moment how I would be perceived by my girlfriend. It tends to scare people. Some people cannot differentiate between short temper and OCD. For those who know about OCD, you know that it isn’t simply keeping organized and etc, there are different kinds.

With all of this being said, I will push through and keep writing. If you like what you read and wish to see more, communicate with me about something I post, just contact me or comment. I’m always happy to engage readers. I will continue to post my art as well as my words interwoven to create a reflection of who I am.