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I did it.

You may be wondering what exactly did I do. Did I jump off a plane and finally went skydiving? Did I finally set the world record with having my stories reach countless audiences and become a best seller? None of these. But I did manage to finally begin trying to sell me art.

For those who follow me, you guys/gals, have seen my blog transform or shift. Before I would accumulate articles that I wished to write to help teach, then it morphed to inspiring, with a combination of stories I wrote. Now we can look at my blog and more so it is where I can breath, I post my thoughts, my work, not only in the format of poetry but abstract art.

I’m an artist, I enjoy every medium that I can get my hands on and express myself. Before, I always considered myself a hindrance. I held myself back but I know my art will never be recognized asi continue to create and grow. So I decided to take a leap of faith and sell my art online.

I started an etsy shop, you know what people typically talk about. If you don’t know, I advise to check out and support people who make amazing things. Now sure, of course I will promote my own stuff but I also like giving account to what others can do as well, I’m not the only artist out there.

All of this being said, check out my shop I sell digital prints of my artwork that I post on here and on Instagram. I would appreciate the support and it will help me grow by getting good content back to everyone!!

Be blessed all, gee_ology signing out.


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