Month: July 2018


I’m a glitch in the system. Lo-fi vibes with art emanating from poetic diction. Poetry in motion with flowing emotions. Creating and bringing unparalleled vision, unseen, blurred in focus. Allowing gravity to fall as I rest amongst stars, a quasar. A quarter to find the existence of life beyond mars. Wars faced, changing in the

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Keep Going!

You wake up, get dressed and go on to your 9 to 5, maybe school first and then an overnight shift, second job, etc. The cycle becomes a bad nightmare, a reoccurring nightmare you wish to escape from. Maybe you will continue to buy those lottery tickets, scratch offs, and hit it big. Maybe you

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The minutes stretch to hours as I sit and write this article. My mind is in a constant flux of an internal war raged inside. Opposing sides meeting to find its core rooted and defined by the individuals take on the matter presented. Traditional vs. Digital. I’ve learned and allowed myself to grow as an

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