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The minutes stretch to hours as I sit and write this article. My mind is in a constant flux of an internal war raged inside. Opposing sides meeting to find its core rooted and defined by the individuals take on the matter presented. Traditional vs. Digital.

I’ve learned and allowed myself to grow as an artist. From drawing as a kid in his sketchbook and writing in a notepad, to who I am now as a writer/artist. From the passing years, I have turned to a digital artist. My art is created by the strokes of a stylus or a mouse, my words were written through by the keys pressed down in the early mornings.

I have seen many men and women debate over the nature of what can be considered art. Some will agree that art is defined by the creator and not just the audience. Some debate and state that it must follow certain criteria. I am an abstract artist, poet, and writer but like I’ve stated, is using the medium of a digital nature.

I’ve been trying to let my abilities and gifts spread to the world. Hours upon hours spent pouring out emotions and thoughts on a screen. People telling me to change my format because it doesn’t or won’t sell as much as what is seen nowadays. That my work will never be placed in a museum.

Abstract art in its own standing isn’t as popular as some claim it to be and even so holding a digital format is even regarded as a joke sometimes. Yet here I am, with a blog filled with poetry and my art. On sites like Threadless, redbubble, and Etsy to sell my art and using this blog to share my art and words.

It has been a difficult journey and taxing but j have grown tremendously as a writer and as an artist. I’ve truly learned what so many few acknowledge by saying that art is created to satisfy the expression of the artist not to satisfy an audience. Yet as well I know that the audience must feel what it is you are trying to convey or articulate. So then I present this to all, it is a matter of perspective.

Art is here to help us fuel our soul. It is to bring passion and to help us speak in ways that only our hearts can communicate with others. No matter what form or medium you use, keep at it. Though I may use even my phone, as I am doing now to write, it does not mean that I value one form over the other, I just am better suited to one form.

Take a new outlook and truly see art for what it is, the truest thoughts and emotions that flow from our souls. Be blessed all and learn to see the whole picture, broaden your horizons and see the whole perspective.


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