Feeling deep lines with texts to her.

A mixture of emotions brought to reason with senses in picture.

Touching smooth silk through strands.

Memories of yesterdays past.

Allow me to present today’s future.

Tomorrow hold, I am home.

Life returns as I intertwine souls.

Pastures of songs catching your voice.

The intoxicating, sober embrace of flowering fragrance.

Held delicate face, your radiance displayed.

Speaking heart, keep the rhythm as your beating drums out storms.

Just breathe.

She is gold.


Time To Let Go

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” – Earl Nightingale

Countless minutes and hours pass by, we spend it contemplating what is to come or what has occurred. Enslaved by the beating seconds or ticks we hear from a clock. Since the invention of a way to track time, we have become slaves.
The repeating cycles of waking up in the morning or confined to a “working” schedule, allowing me to feel a part of the world. I’ve heard the saying growing up, “You get up and then once you step out those doors, you get on with life”, but life is more than keeping track of everything we do or to better understand when we do something.
I’ve seen people take time as a way to set goals, defining their lives based upon it. In fact, I was such a person who had to set a standard to complete myself, so to speak, by doing things in a timely manner. I had to buy a house when I was 23, 25 finish school, 27 were married, 30 have a kid, and etc. Yet a lot of my anxiety was derived from worrying about not knowing or not getting there the closer I got to that age or time. I see that now in the world and for the most part, we are being judged for not being or doing something based upon this notion.
Now, let’s be honest, time is a factor where a lot of what we do today is derived or based upon it. We run in a very right schedule all around, it helps us keep organized and we do so to have control with no chaos. Even as a kid, I learned that Saturday morning cartoons began at 7 am and stopped at around 12 when soul train would begin on WB (before CW, yes, my age is showing). Even with that being said, my mother would tell me that the Bible states that there is a time for everything, so I learned early on to never truly be controlled by it until my OCD took hold.
The reality we face today is that we have become convinced by believing we can control time instead of seeing that ultimately we have no control. Though we are told it would take X amount of hears to finish school, we may complete a degree program when we are 40, 50, and etc. We may even get married at such an age. We can die at any point in time. Though there was a beginning to the universe, time moves forward, we understand it as such because we have developed the point of view that everything has a beginning and end and is not a construct made to help us define reality but gives us history.
I’m not going to say to let go of time or keeping track but don’t lose focus of the now, this moment. We let every second pass by wishing for tomorrow or yesterday. We race to be somewhere else instead of enjoying the steps it takes to get there and in turn, we truly don’t live. What I bring to the table or to you the reader is this, let time observe you and record all that you do and who you are, for you truly are never forgotten and though we become memories, time is made to reveal our history.

Dear Love

You come across someone or something that radically alters your perception of life. In most cases, you believe that what you thought was real, is just what is perceived and yet there are moments where words can never describe what/who you encounter.

I’ve lived for quite some time, thoughts pounding and trying to escape my mind. Decisions that could impart a change or bring about such a wide perception of the world I see before me. I was unsure for the most part what love was. Jumping from indecision to trying to find some sense of a center but ultimately I just needed to understand who I was. Years of hating myself and coming to terms with what the world or others labeled me. I was a mess, a monster, as for the most part, was described. Yet, apart from such wild claims, something critical was amiss, I am human.

Years feeling alone upon this desolate world that has grown to such a state of sensitivity and emotion that the truth is hardly revealed. I have crossed all sides of the spectrum, seeking answers in places that most men would not dare. I have stared into the darkness only to find my own touch brush against the cold dirt. I have reached out to the great beyond and in the warmth of the light was burned to feel the reality of what I face. Yet never have I encountered something as real and intense as this, love.

For many trials and encounters left me in a world of longing to feel complete. Yet I was seeking for something that only I could fill in the wake of brokenness. Stories kept me entertained and I never was certain of who I was. Decades went and time revealed its toll. But as I thought all the myths and legends spoke of something beyond belief, I was shown the purest of all that is creation, love.

I didn’t fall in love at first glance. I am rising in love. Walking in love. Living in love. Stretched time reveals the evidence of emotions but it does not convey the measure of such descriptions spoken throughout history. I could never imagine such a sight, such taste, such a touch, all senses enthralled but not a prisoner of its embrace but a sense of peace.

Difficult journeys now ahead and yet I know that I am ready to face them. No matter the consequences or the results that can be bestowed, I am not alone, as you are not. I shall stand by your side, forever yours, for love was found when you allowed me to be yours. Poetry so eloquently is written as stories emerge from a beating heart held by your own, know that it comes with open arms and complete respect, trust, acceptance, honesty, affection, compassion, and loyalty. I have never been so sure.


Colors coming in waves.

Reaching reaches reached past brain waves.

Going beyond imagination.

Bringing vivid illustrations.

Shadows of what wants to be revealed.

Conveyed to display what is real.

Feelings in a motion of thoughts.

The colors of the universe found in us.

Shining in the night.

The promise of the light.

Just Stand

We have all heard this saying before, “stand out”. As an artist, I have discovered that from every corner of the globe, people keep saying to build your brand, your voice, your signature, to allow your legacy to be defined by what you bring to the table. This is in part true but what I have also learned is that it can limit you.

We are all trying to find our identity in this world. We see a style and try to adapt to it, try to be a part of the culture or whatever is around you. Just because of something influencing you doesn’t necessarily mean you will adopt it. We are ” finding” ourselves. This being said, we are not subjected to “stand out”. Let’s all face it right here, now, each one of us will not be rich, get a million dollar book deal, be recognized in the blogger’s hall of fame, and etc. Some people are needed to be that happy garbage man or delivery guy and in reality, the world is a moving body of people, a collective.

I’m an artist, specifically a writer, poet, and your average day human being. I have cravings, desires, and etc but will all of them be met in my lifespan, probably not. Yet I will not let that phase me. I will continue to write because it is something I love and I will paint because it is something that I feel helps me express what I feel or think. Some people won’t gravitate to what I like or even what I do and guess what? That’s fine with me. I understand though that the way I perceive things or convey something will always be different. 2 people can come up with the same idea but it will never be the same story or concept (unless plagiarized of course).

The reason I am writing this post is that I feel like people lose a sense of creativity or they force something that shouldn’t be forced. Just write the story you wish to write or paint the painting you want to wait, sing the songs you want to sing.