Passionate Drive

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The pull to a never-ending desire, to write. I cannot describe nor define what true passion is. I can only fully describe or give proper understanding/meaning based upon what I learn or experience. Passion seems to be our drive, either to reach a level of happiness or a sense of complete serenity. But of course, this is what I see based upon my short lived life.

Let me be honest, what will I gain from writing to strangers or letting the stories I have yet to share be seen or indulged by the readers? I can choose a different subject to bring to the table and for the most part, we can equate it to be as the topic on hand. Now, writing has been something and continues to be something that I feel drawn to do yet as well, I have hindered myself as a writer by filling my time with vain pursuits. We all get busy, this is true, we learn that in life we either are going to school, working, taking care of those we love and etc. In my case, I have allowed myself to drift from my passion and it has begun to affect me in ways I have never seen. I cannot myself or others, as I’ve said before, but in my case, I feel as if I am missing something or that I am not where I am supposed to be.

I can go on in circles about how we shouldn’t let out passions drive us but that can only be said if it blinds us. I have found that true passion derived from love and truth can lead us to become better versions of ourselves help shapes us into who we will become. I am not the most proficient writer nor do I consider myself someone who could hold up to any seasoned write, sometimes I wonder what has called me to step into this scene, to even dare to compare myself or even embark in sharing words or stories using this medium of paper, screen, and etc. I don’t have the ole college degree, the vocabulary, and etc., based upon what I have seen, yet I still do it. I don’t need to be considered the greatest, I just want to write and continue to do so. Now, I do share my “work” to others because as I’ve learned, why not share your gift or what you could do to others. Life is better to be shared and for the most part, there will be those people who will relate to you or need to hear what you say, read what you write and etc.

I write this to all those with their own passions, don’t let it consume you to the point that you let it control you. Learn to balance and if it is rooted in love, truth, it will overflow and help you grow. Do the things you love and don’t let anyone tell you differently in regards to how it should be but know that art is who we are, we merely create pieces of ourselves so that others could see or understand.


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