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Most people are controlled by time. We either foxus too much on the past, what is going around in the present, or worrying too much abojt the future.

I’ve seen countless tales through my years where we measure things based upon how long we have known, take the “time” to know, or experience something. Time is in fact a contributing factor in what helps us determine if we are mature to handle certain things in life.

I may not be one to adequately discuss such a topic but I must say that I am one to speak on the matter with a desire to help people not become so focused on it. It is strange to note that I but a man who is, based on human expectancy, a quarter of the age. It just means that I may be seen as too young or just about the point of realizing the meaning of “life”.

We are consumed by the measurement of such a trivial thing of time. It helps us to come to order and allows us to truly grow by revealing history developing. It is recorded and in turn has helped us see our mistakes and better ways to use it.

But what am I trying to reveal by saying that we are consumed by it?

I’ve seen so many people become so consumed with planning ojt their lives that they cannot see that life is truly timeless. Things don’t happen based upon fate or even because it is “your time”, they happen because you learn who you are and learn what needed to be learned to advance to the next stave in life.

I’ve seen the common tales when it comes to love, it was “time”, or so they say. But that was not the case. Love cannot be measured, this is the reality, though it can be shown to be true by time, it dors not mean that one moment supersedes another. Time no longer is a factor in such tales of love. Poets speak about love causing time to stand still and this is indeed the case, symbolically.

We become so enthralled by such a notion that it has caused us to truly grow mad. We hold to devices that reveal the schedules we follow. We hold to numbers that provide a sense of order but leave our lives in chaos.

Now to say the least I am not implying we drop time. I am saying that we cannit let it consume us or our daily lives to the point that we lose ourselves a d our freedom to grow. We all mature and grow at our own rates. We get married at different ages, finish school, have kids, and etc, all at different times.

What I implore to you the readers is this, become timeless. Timeless to the ideas of thinking you need to meet a certain person or do a certain thing on a certain timeframe. Instead, begin to see who you are, feel confident and grow from there. Let time measure your history and record a story that will last a century.


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