Time’s Changing

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It’s December.

We can all hear the sleigh bells jingling and see the decorations all around the city, the malls, the houses, even your own.

One thing I can see clearly is how much this year has brought about changes that I never could fully imagine.

I remember around this time last year how I was in a dark place. You could say that I already knew who I was and I would place my spoken word out to the interwebs. Yet I also felt alone. I was in a job that I was not too fond of and I continued to limit who I was as a person, still. I am big in placing words on the screen so that I could force myself to act upon them but I would stay motionless. Cross over to the following year, 2018, and here I am now, a year later.

I managed to see my hometown and the family that I grew up with this year. I fell in love, not like the love that I would preach about before but honest, true unconditional love. I never planned for anything that I now see has happened. Now sure, I could say that I decided upon the key factors but what I mean is that I never foresaw my life 5 years ago to what it is now.

I hear the question, “What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?”, the reality is when I hear this question now, I am honest in answering. I don’t know the future. I may plan for something but the reality is that I just look at what is in front of me, today. I know what it is like, hoping, stressing about tomorrow, and the reality is is that it is not worth it. I am certain of what I need and also what I would want but ultimately I cannot allow myself to daydream on what I could be doing.

Life is never truly guaranteed.

I will live on and continue to do what I love, with the woman I love, as long as she will have me because I appreciate and would walk by her side in this journey of life.

I may not write as much as I would like to on this blog but that is because how busy I was before. I am now seeing the change that time brings and the reality is that life is not easy and will never be easy. I will grow and change from time and time again. I am now venturing to a new job, new year, and I know that as a writer and a person who tries to motivate others, hopefully, help bring words that truly encourage you the reader.

Don’t become afraid of the uncertainty or dread tomorrow. Live not dreaming of what could have been or even let yourself be drawn to the past. Learn and grow and see how the time’s changing.


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